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3 Vision statements for Boyn Hill Baptist Church, Maidenhead

We believe Boyn Hill Baptist Church, Maidenhead is called to be a community of disciples seeking to fulfill God’s mission among the nations.

A Community church: a focus on outreach

We recognise Jesus is building Christian community at Boyn Hill Baptist Church through the work of the Holy Spirit. As a community we will continue this witness, take opportunities to share the good news of the gospel, provide practical service where possible and offer on-going pastoral support. By serving the community our hope is that people may have opportunity to make the journey of faith to full Christian commitment.

A Teaching church: a focus on discipleship

We believe discipleship is essential for growth to Christian maturity. In addition to regular worship and teaching each Sunday, we will seek to provide opportunities for personal and group Bible study and other training opportunities. We will seek to disciple people who will in turn disciple and teach others.

A Sending church: a focus on mission

We believe all Christians are called, in a general sense, to be missionaries, so we can endorse the Baptist Union mission statement of “encouraging missionary disciples”. Mission is first of all God’s mission, into which we are called and sent. We affirm everyone’s many and varied natural and spiritual gifts, all of which are needed for the body of Christ to function properly and to be built up. We will try to find opportunities to serve the Lord in the church, in the local community and our places of work or study, and further afield, as God calls. We will be aware of and supportive of what God is doing in national and overseas missions.

The dynamic of these vision statements is to allow and enable individuals to find new life in Christ, to grow in Christ, and to find God’s purpose in Christ in as many varied and imaginable ways as possible. This takes time and commitment.